Rural Road Accidents

Despite the fact that only about 10% of the Texas population lives in rural areas, more car wrecks occur on rural roadways than in other areas. This is also true for the U.S. as a whole. Such accidents are often serious with high fatality rates.

Accidents on Rural Roads in Texas

Over half of the traffic crashes in Texas occurred on rural roads in 2021. The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) reported 2,291 deaths from rural road accidents. While most people think that congested metropolitan areas would see the highest traffic fatalities, it’s not the case. Drivers can go for miles on rural roads without seeing other traffic. There are fewer intersections, traffic lights and less varied surfaces and other risks.

What makes rural roads dangerous?

Speed is the main factor. Roads outside of city areas have higher speed limits. When cars are traveling at high speeds and crash into each other, the impacts can be devastating, resulting in more severe injuries and deaths.


What Other Factors Contribute to Car Wrecks on Country Roads?

Drowsy Driving

Tired drivers are more apt to get into accidents. When taking a long drive to reach your destination, inevitably you’re driving on rural roads. The long distance and reduced activity can make a fatigued driver feel drowsy.

Decreased Law Enforcement

Without officers waiting to hand out tickets, people often disregard speed limits or violate traffic laws. People also tend to feel that driving fast or ignoring traffic rules does not pose a risk to themselves or others.

Alcohol Use

Rural areas have more problems with people driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Unlike populated areas, it’s not easy to call a cab, Lift or Uber for a ride home when you’ve had too much to drink. Because people live farther apart, designated drivers are also not as frequently used.

Road Hazards

When you’re driving in the country, deer leaping across the road or livestock wandering into your path is more common. Roads often wind and turn, and some roads do not have shoulders or are not banked well. Blind curves, a lack of guard rails and poor lighting are other factors that put drivers at risk.

Safety Factors When Driving on Rural Roads

You can reduce your chances or getting into a car wreck by following some safety guidelines:

  • Use headlights when it gets dark
  • Be ready to brake quickly if wildlife runs into the road
  • Follow the speed limit and stay aware of your surroundings
  • Learn how to drive defensively
  • Be alert to hazardous road conditions

Types of Injury Cases We Handle


Personal Injury

Personal injury happens when someone fails to be responsible, and their negligence or reckless actions lead to harm.


18 Wheeler Accidents

18-wheeler truck accidents involving semi-truck tractors and trailers often result in life-threatening injuries or the death of a loved one.


Car Wrecks

Every year close to 500,000 car wrecks take place in Texas, which occur at the rate of one crash every one hour and 57 seconds. (TXDOT 2021 statistics)


Rural Road Accidents

Did you know that the majority of accidents in Texas and throughout the United States take place on rural roads and highways?


Hwy 80, 30 & 20 Accidents

Car wrecks are common in Texas where Farm-to-Market (FM) roadways intersect with other highways, such as HWY 20, 30 and 80.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In a wrongful death lawsuit, family members sue another person or persons who knowingly or negligently caused the death of their loved one.

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