by Richard Stucky August 3, 2023

Avoid Falling Prey to Insurance Company Traps

What should you know about how insurance companies work?

Insurance company traps gear toward paying the least amount of money possible for a claim. They also seek to resolve the claim as quickly as possible. There are several reasons why these traps are often in the insurance company’s best interest but not in the accident victim’s best interest.

What is an insurance claims adjuster?

Nolo explains that an insurance adjuster is the person who handles an insurance claim. They investigate the claim, gather information such as medical records, police reports, and interview responses to determine the payout of a claim. An adjuster could be working for the insurance company of the party who was at-fault for causing the accident. They may be working in house for the at-fault party or be an independent contractor. Or, they could be the representative of your own insurance company. Even in this case, they aren’t working for you. They are looking out for the insurance company. In fact, companies rate their job performance on how low the payouts are and how quickly they resolve claims. In addition, the adjuster may work for a public entity, such as a city or state government.

What are some common insurance company traps?

You’ll find that many adjusters are friendly and personable. They act like they’re helping you. They even may tell you that a lawyer isn’t necessary. However, their purpose is to gather evidence that reduces the value of your claim. A common tactic is to ask for your medical records. They also conduct interviews where they can record your statements. Keep in mind that the doctor does not have to hand over all of your health information. Some health information is protected. In addition, you do not have to answer questions and have your statements be recorded.

Adjusters may also conduct surveillance through hired investigators. They may try to show that your injuries were not as severe as you claim. They may allege your injuries were pre-existing and did not result from the accident. Furthermore, they may offer a low-ball settlement, saying this is best you will do. Even though they try to rush the settlement, you may not have received enough treatment to know that you won’t need more medical help.

How can an accident lawyer help you avoid these pitfalls?

A Stucky Injury Law can evaluate your accident and explain your rights to recover compensation.  Compensation can help you pay for medical costs and cover lost wages due to injury.