Resistance to Trucking Regulations Puts Ordinary People at Risk

A fully loaded 18-wheeler can carry up to 40 tons of goods…that’s 80,000 pounds moving across the nation’s highways, often at speeds in excess of the posted limits. In addition, because of the way long-haul drivers are typically compensated (by completing the delivery of the load), there’s always been an incentive to spend a lot of hours behind the wheel. Recognizing the potential dangers of combining driver fatigue with large commercial trucks, state and federal legislators long ago put regulations in place to prevent needless injury. It seems that now, for various reasons, a number of truckers are flouting those rules, yearning for a return to “glory days” of mostly unregulated trucking. There’s a name for this trend…it’s known as “outlaw trucking.”

What You Can Expect from “Outlaw Truckers”

As a general rule, most of the actions of so-called “outlaw truckers” are self-interested, with little or no concern about the potential consequences to others. Among the ways that outlaw drivers will circumvent the rules are:

  • Exceeding the daily and/or weekly limits for time on the road
  • Failing to maintain accurate time on the road and/or maintenance logs
  • Failing to conduct routine required vehicle inspections
  • Exceeding load limits, including failing to stop at mandatory weigh stations
  • Driving in excess of posted speed limits
  • Compromising or tricking built-in electronic logging or monitoring devices (commonly known as “black boxes”)

Have You Been Injured Because of Someone Else’s Carelessness or Negligence?

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